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Training & Qualifications Center 

Our goal is to provide the very best in Prescribed fire and Suppression Training Available.

After fire practitioner successfully completes class, They  would receive and be hosted with a Incident Qualifications Card.

Teaching Prescribe fire

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Fire Qualifications Committee 

This group of highly educated and Qualified members would be a blend of many Partners and Agencies.    


Standard Operating Procedures 



Training Program and Schedule 

This Program will adhere to all NWCG and the 310-1 


Qualification and Carding through IQS

The Incident Qualification System (IQS) is a software program that allows the user to track incident qualifications, experience, tasks books and fitness levels for individuals within various organizational levels throughout your agency. IQS also allows the user to analyze the organization's training needs and schedule training based upon the agency needs for incident management personnel.

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Qualifictions Cards Torchbearr (3).jpg
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