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Meet Our Board of Directors 

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Alisha Gaskins

Board  memeber Treasurer 

Ive worked at the Northcoast Environmental Center many years ago and have kept in touch ever since. I lived in Humboldt County for 23 years and recently moved to Roanoke, VA to be closer to family and to start a little homestead with my partner and our two kids. I’m a medical anthropologist and herbalist, so I’m very interested in health and well-being, and will forever be in awe learning about nature’s interconnectedness. I earned a Masters degree from HSU’s Environment and Community Program and was a lecturer in Anthropology at HSU for 5 years. I taught classes on human biocultural evolution, diversity, health, and social justice. I was also the Office Admin at Laurel Tree Charter School, a forest/permaculture/intentional community school in Arcata, for many years. I have loads of experience managing nonprofits, evolving organizational systems, organizing with a team, and keeping a detail-oriented eye on financials. 

I’m looking forward to learning if I can fit into the Torchbearr team and help forward your mission and vision. 

Brown Eyes Torchbearr - Bear UCD - final - color.jpg

Vacant Board Memeber Seat




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