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Donations come in many shapes and forms  

 Tax deductible cash contributions, in-kind donations of time/ expertise/ equipment , or Planned gifts of stocks / bonds /insurance /  real state / Vehicles.....
Joining an Volunteering your help your community or neighbor. 
Financial contribution are used to treat acres and support the national plan. 
Volunteering  contribution are used to help learn an meet great new people and friends. 
Equipment contribution are used to help meet the Prescribe fire plan.

Support The Torchbearr Cause – Help Us Change Our Fire Story!


Your donation to Torchbearr has an impact. Here’s how:


90 percent of what you give supports our work behind the scenes and on the ground to facilitate more and more accessible training and prescribed burning to protect communities during wildfires. More training and burning are key ingredients to create a workforce up to the task of burning in the right places at the right times at large and small scales to meet this moment in history. 

5 percent of your donation is set aside in a rainy day fund to cover unexpected costs that inevitably come up in the life of a non-profit organization and can rarely be covered by grant funds. Many non-profits don’t plan for the future in this way, thus hampering their longevity and their effectiveness. As you know, meaningful change doesn’t usually happen overnight, so staying power matters. 

5 percent of your contribution bolsters our general fund, dedicated to keeping our organization going strong. These costs may be overhead, IT, or personnel related, but are essential for our impactful work to go on. These flexible general support dollars are also hard to come by in the grant world, so your help on this front is hugely important. 

Teaching- Prescribe fire -Defensible space

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