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Still very little agency burning...Smoke screens thick, with agreement to burn more. Nothing to show

To be successful in burning..You must be ready to burn at all times.

It takes to long to get ready so, to be productive, you have to be ready.

Seems like we should see alot of Spot weather for Burn this week.

But if we don't think about it till Mondays. maybe be ready Tuesday with all permits. You only have 2 or 3 days before a weekend.

With this last storm, would a great opportunity to get more piles with out creep.

Or better yet ammendment in burn plan to allow creep .

Why can't we be more productive @FOREST SERVICE. #R5

Document missing opportunities.

Failure to manage the landscape.

Scope and Scale

Scratching my hairless head wondering what may be the issues?

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