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    Phone: (530) 643-4026


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Get in touch with Torchbearr to learn more about our work, and how you can get involved.



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6304 Butler Mnt Rd 

Somes, Bar, CA 95568

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Smokey can endorse a different strategy that includes, much more prescribed burning, and less putting fires out. Imagine a time when Smokey and Torchbearr stand at a podium together during a press conference leading up to a large, cooperative prescribed burn to prevent catastrophic wildfires. Smokey will carry the torch, while Torchbearr will wield the shovel. Together, they’ll move us, into the 21st  century, but back to the 1800's when farmers routinely burned their fields on purpose, and all the way back to 1492, when indigenous people used fire intentionally for the common good. I’ll feel good about handing out pencils and balloons to kids.

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